Random Photos


The VibroCounts



(many from 1997)



A garage band... you can tell by the garage door!




A nice rod at the Lodi Car Show






1st Radisson Lake Party, June 1997



House band for FDP Jam



Jerry, pre-VibroCounts



1st gig with Jerry, Rocklin, April 1997



Jim, pre-VibroCounts



1st outdoor gig, Citrus Heights, May 1997



Three ancient phases of Cliff



1st Crawdad Festival, June 1997



Paul, pre-VibroCounts, and earlier than that



Gig the night of Cliff's daughter's wedding, June 14 1997



Matching shirts for the first time! Downtown Plaza, July 1997



Who's wearing shorts? River Rock Cafe, July 1997



California Capitol between the trees



La Bamba kicks off in Elk Grove, August 1997



Five VibroCounts!

Five VibroCounts at the Country Fair, May 2004



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Even More Photos!





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